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Friday, January 14, 2011

Permanent Green Light - Against Nature - CD on Gasatanka Records

After the Three O'Clock went out not with a bang but with the whimper of 1988's too-slick-by-half Vermilion, bassist-songwriter-leader Michael Quercio joined his buddy Scott Miller's band Game Theory in 1990. (Quercio had produced Game Theory's 1984 EP Distortion, and Miller had contributed "The Girl With the Guitar (Says Oh Yeah)" to the Three O'Clock's 1985 release Arrive Without Traveling). Unfortunately, Game Theory was in a state of flux at the time, and Quercio only contributed to a trio of re-recorded songs on Game Theory's final release, the compilation Tinker to Evers to Chance, and a 1989 fan club release, "A Child's Christmas Saving the Whales," of note to collectors both because it's a very funny faux children's story and because it includes an otherwise-unrecorded Quercio ballad called "Water" that's among the loveliest things he's ever written.

Permanent Green Light - Against Nature - CD on Gasatanka Records

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