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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rikk Agnew - Turtle - CD on Triple XXX Records

The former Adolescent, Christian Death And DI guitarists third solo opus covers much ground, from pop to punk and everything in between. Features guest vocals by a well-known Chemical Warrior that will take you wat South Of Heaven. With the Adolescents, Agnew became known as one of the best guitarists in the Southern California hardcore punk scene. After the Adolescents' first breakup, he recorded a one-man solo album, All By Myself, and played with Christian Death before deciding to re-form the group in 1986. After this second go-round, Agnew pulled the plug on the Adolescents for the final time in 1989 and began recording solo again.

Rikk Agnew - Turtle - CD on Triple XXX Records

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