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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mensclub - Drug Pit - 7 Inch Record on Dutch East India Records

Growing tired of the light hearted, gentle, sensitive, politically correct culture of the 90's, the members of Mensclub wanted to change all that when they got together in 1993. Favoring the likes of Grand Funk Railroad, The Stooges and The MC5, Ron (guitar/vocals), Tom (drums) and Jon (bass) pay tribute to the meat and potatoes combo of classic 70's rock and punk to share it with their Bay Area quarters of San Francisco. Upon the release three singles during the next two years of their career as well as a contribution to the Probe Records compilation "This Ain't No Melodic Punk" in 1996, Bar/None debuted their first full-length "Comin' To Take You Away" later on that year. Man's Ruin Records followed in 1997 with their second album conveniently titled "Mensclub."

Mensclub - Drug Pit - 7 Inch Record on Dutch East India Records

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