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A fan site for the amazing but now defunct record label Allied Recordings. They put out 100 amazing records during the 1990s featuring the artwork of John Yates. Some of the band included Nausea, Phleg Camp, Fuel, Assuck, Everready and hundreds more. Read great reviews and history from these great record label.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Compilation - Program: Annihilator II- Vinyl Album
Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal
SST Records
Cut in spine

Track Listing
All Your Lies - Soundgarden
Head Injury - Soundgarden
Creeps, The - Saint Vitus
Bitter Truth - Saint Vitus
Lick My Pussy, Eddie Van Halen - Sylvia Juncosa
Tower Of Ashes - Sylvia Juncosa
Hurtin' Crew - Descendents
Iceman - Descendents
Regulator, The - Bad Brains
Coptic Times / F. V. K. - Bad Brains
Headphones - SWA
Goddess - SWA
Overdrive - Bl'ast!
Out Of Alignment - Bl'ast!
Thirsty And Miserable - D.C.3
Angel Of Death - D.C.3

Compilation - Program: Annihilator II- Vinyl album on SST Records

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