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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dentists - Powdered Lobster Fiasco - CD on Homestead Records

POWDERED LOBSTER FIASCO is a charming 10-song compilation that collects, among other things, six songs that were included on a series of singles released on three different indie labels, "Hear No Evil," "Speak No Evil" and "See No Evil." Unfortunately, the album doesn't contain the John Hegley poems of those titles, which were read by the author and gave the series its thematic unity. However, that's the album's only flaw, and POWDERED LOBSTER FIASCO is an otherwise brilliant album. By the time of this 1993 compilation, the quartet had perfected a brilliant synthesis of '60s-inspired psych-pop and '80s-style indie guitar jangle. The sound yielded playful gems like the intoxicating "Outside Your Inside," the breathless "I Can See Your House From Up Here," and more sedate tunes like "Snapdragon," "We Thought We'd Got to Heaven," and "Charms and the Girl."
The Dentists - Powdered Lobster Fiasco - CD on Homestead Records

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